PISTONE X - Black Ballistic
PISTONE X - Black BallisticPISTONE X - Black BallisticPISTONE X - Black BallisticPISTONE X - Black BallisticPISTONE X - Black BallisticPISTONE X - Black Ballistic
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Our iconic Pistone has been re-imagined. With a new streamlined silhouette, and a wider selection of upper-body materials, the Pistone X is one of the most versatile shoes in our footwear collection. Shown here in combination of black Italian leather and ballistic nylon, the Pistone X is a true wardrobe staple that features unique automotive design nods, like our signature tire tread sole pattern, and quilted side panels inspired by the seats of classic cars.


Driving. Walking. Running. Why not do all three?

At Piloti, we don't believe that anything should hold you back - especially not what's on your feet. That's why we've created our Lifestyle Collection - an assortment of street-friendly footwear that combines the best parts of our performance technology, quality craftsmanship and beautiful design. The result? A versatile aesthetic that prioritizes comfort, and will carry you effortlessly from the driver's seat to the city street.

So go ahead, take that unexpected journey and explore new roads - and know that no matter where your day takes you, your Piloti driving shoes will get you there. 

Handmade in Portugal from either Italian suede or leather, the Pistone X offers the right combination of comfort and performance, while still providing a laid-back, casual style. Perfect for every day wear, the key features of the Pistone X include:

A driver's most important tool is their feet. That's why we have optimized each of our driving shoe silhouettes for maximum pedal feel, fluidity of motion, and comfort while driving. The secret is in our craftsmanship, and stems from a combination of our patented technology and our best-in-class materials.


Our EVA foam inserts provide both cushioning and support to ensure that each step is as comfortable as the last.


Our patented Roll Control 2.0 technology offers a full 180 of motion to ensure maximum pedal-box precision.


Our driving shoes maintain a soft forefoot to allow effortless pedal feel, without sacrificing comfort or support.