PROTOTIPO - Blue/Red Corvette Grand Sport GS1 LE
PROTOTIPO - Blue/Red Corvette Grand Sport GS1 LEPROTOTIPO - Blue/Red Corvette Grand Sport GS1 LEPROTOTIPO - Blue/Red Corvette Grand Sport GS1 LEPROTOTIPO - Blue/Red Corvette Grand Sport GS1 LEPROTOTIPO - Blue/Red Corvette Grand Sport GS1 LEPROTOTIPO - Blue/Red Corvette Grand Sport GS1 LEPROTOTIPO - Blue/Red Corvette Grand Sport GS1 LE
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The Prototipo is designed with a sleek, narrow toe-box. We recommend ordering a half-size up from standard size to ensure a comfortable fit.

The Corvette® Grand Sport GS1 LE is the inspiration behind these co-branded bespoke Prototipo driving shoes. The striking blue and red color scheme of the shoe incorporates some distinguishing design elements of the Corvette® Grand Sport GS1 LE including elegant stitching and brand badge with the time-honored Corvette® crossed flags insignia.

We're not content to stop there however, and like every Prototipo that Piloti makes, you’ll also get uncompromising pedal feel, the unique right lateral reinforced side that makes heel-and-toe shifting a breeze while saving both your foot and shoe from excessive vibrations, and Piloti's patented Roll Control™ technology to increase pedal control while cushioning your heel bone.

Constructed using durable yet supple premium-grade suede, the dual density EVA midsole provides superior support and comfort whether driving, standing or walking, while ample tongue perforations ensure your feet can breathe all day long. With such exceptional qualities and value, the Prototipo remains top of list for the discerning driver.


When it comes to American symbols, no brands do it better than Chevy’s two most iconic sports cars, the Camaro and the Corvette. For over sixty years, both the Camaro and the Vette have been permanent fixtures in the dreams – and on the walls – of adults and children alike, stunning the motorsport world with their bold colours and distinctive silhouettes. 

At Piloti, we are thrilled to bring you our co-branded, tried-and-true Prototipo collection, an official collaboration with these two formidable brands. Featuring official badging, race-inspired stitching, and our patented Roll Control 2.0 TM technology, this special edition collection is inspired by the rich heritage of two American legends.

This driving sneaker, with official Corvette or Camaro badging, offers incredible technology and comfort, offering you precise performance from the driver's seat to the city street. 

A driver's most important tool is their feet. That's why we have optimized each of our driving shoe silhouettes for maximum pedal feel, fluidity of motion, and comfort while driving. The secret is in our craftsmanship, and stems from a combination of our patented technology and our best-in-class materials.


Our PU foam inserts provide both cushioning and support to ensure that each step is as comfortable as the last.


Our patented Roll Control 2.0™ technology offers a full 180 of motion to ensure maximum pedal-box precision.


Our driving shoes maintain a soft forefoot to allow effortless pedal feel, without sacrificing comfort or support.