From the driver's seat, to the city street - and anywhere in between - Piloti driving shoes will get you there.

PERFORMANCE RACING is the ultimate test of skill, stamina and spirit. We should know.  That's where we came from.


When it comes to racing, precision matters. From engineers redefining power through unparalleled technological advances, to drivers chasing perfection by shaving micro-seconds off their best lap, the people behind this electrifying sport don't believe in limits. Where others see challenges, they see opportunities - their inner drive inspiring them to keep breaking boundaries as they set their sights to their next big objective. 

CHAMPIONSHIP RACE TEAMS demand perfection from themselves and from each other. Why should their footwear be any different? And so, Piloti was born.


A driver's most important tool is their feet. That's why we have optimized each of our driving shoe silhouettes for maximum pedal feel, fluidity of motion, and comfort while driving. The secret is in our craftsmanship, and stems from a combination of our patented technology, Roll Control 2.0, and our best-in-class materials, like vibration-reducing EVA foam and top quality leathers and suedes.

"I CREDIT PILOTI DRIVING SHOES for extending my career and I've worn them exclusively ever since." - Ron Fellows, 24 Hours of Le Mans series champion


The racers that have truly stood the test of time are more than just prolific drivers. They also possess a unique personal flair that sets them apart from the rest. At Piloti, this philosophy - an uncompromising appreciation for both function and form - is what guides our design process, ensuring that every Piloti driving shoe offers an optimal balance of performance and aesthetic. Our footwear isn't just designed for driving - it's also driven by design.