Shoes that perform as good as they look.


From the driver's seat to the city street.

At Piloti, we know that you can't compromise on quality.  It's our mission to make sure that every step you take is a step in the right direction - that's why we design our shoes to provide you with all day comfort, from the inside, out.  From our cushioned, removable insoles, that offer energy return and support, to our stable outsoles, made from a highly durable rubber that provides long-lasting grip, our shoes offer the perfect blend of comfort and durability.  No matter where your day takes you, you can trust Piloti shoes to get you there.


A well rounded heel.

Our patented Roll Control technology is lifted straight from the track. Credited with extending the career of professional drivers, this technology is truly what sets Piloti apart.  By offering consistent curvature from the bottom of your foot to the back of your heel, Roll Control distributes the force across a stable platform - providing you with unmatched performance in the pedal box and smooth, controlled movements throughout your drive.  There's also a layer of EVA foam behind the spherical heel to minimize vibrations and maximize comfort, no matter how long the drive. 


Same great tech, but lighter.

We've taken our Roll Control technology and made it even more versatile.  Roll Control Lite features our same great design and curved heel, but in a sleeker, more subtle package. Perfect for every day drives, this technology is lower profile, lighter and more flexible than our standard Roll Control, but still provides you with unparalleled pedal feel and control.  It's ideal for drivers looking for that mix of great performance in the driver's seat, but a lifestyle aesthetic on the city street.


Feel the drive.

For every shoe that we design, we chase the perfect balance of durability, cushioning and support, without compromising on performance. That's why each Piloti shoe is created to optimize pedal feel - our outsoles are thin, yet durable, allowing you to control the power and precision of your vehicle's movements with confidence.  From heel-toe downshifting to quick pedal changes, our design is crafted to truly let you feel the drive.